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I am what people might call a self made diabetic. I am 350 lbs. and 44 years old. Sitting at a desk all day, I don't get much exercise. The pounds just add on year by year. When I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago I decided to change my life. I was a college football player. I know what hard work is. But these days, no matter how much I worked out and how well I ate (No more McDonalds for me) I still wasn't controlling my diabetes. 

After starting the diabetic boost supplements which I was skeptical at 1st. I took them for 2 months and saw little results but it was helping me and my glucouse readings were much better. Now 8 months later I feel great, my weight is down, my glucose levels better and I'm taking less of the toxic meds my doctor give's me and am on my way to beating diabetes once and for all. Love this stuff it definitely changed my life, just wanna say thanks to the team at diabetic boost. Your formula amazing. 

Big Corey - Allentown, PA

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