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 I found out I was a diabetic at a movie theater. I became thirsty and nothing I drank would quench my thirst. I made it to the ER and admitted with a 550 sugar level. I was put on insulin; the needle. The situation seemed to over power me.

The common belief is that you are now a diabetic for life. A friend prompted me to do research and I found that does not have to be the case. I realized that my diabetes was a function of diet, activity and stress. I decided a course of action and tried diabetic boost. It was helpful in maintaining my sugar levels and overall health; it gave me a great start. 

When you are a diabetic part of the routine is a quarterly blood test. As a result the doctor put me on oral tablets saying "your levels are not that high are you doing anything different?

" My response "I’m putting good things in my body" Hint: diabetic boost. I had to change Doctors and the new one gave me a range of test. She said "your x is good, your z is good, your cholesterol is ok and your sugar is ok.

" I said "doc I am a diabetic" she stopped and said "Not according to these levels" I  had brought my med records and showed them to her, she said "not according to these test, are you still taking metaformin?" I said "yes" she said "Please stop, that’s for diabetics" 

I still have my blood test kit and keep a bottle of metformin and the diabetic boots in the cabinet. I check my blood sugar every now and then. I had diabetes but it never got me. I'm grateful for products like diabetic boost and the fact I made a choice to do something affective about my diabetes and was very successful.

Feel free to contact me with any question, it'll be my pleasure to help.


Mark Rushie


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