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My name is Jacob O' Brien, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in 2009, when I checked my sugar level in the morning's it was usually between 170 to 200, I was on two different medications Glipizide 10 mg and Metformin 1000 mg.

 I would take both medications twice a day, using the Diabetic Boost my doctors took me off Metformin completely and drop me down to 5 mg of Glipizide, I feel more energetic and healthier each day thanks to this amazing all natural organic diabetic Boost.
Morning's now when I check my sugar level it average from 105 to 120, pretty soon the prescribed medicine I take will be excluded from my life. Before I discovered the Diabetic Boost, I was spending well over $ 200 a month on dietary supplements.

After months of research a friend introduced me to this amazing Diabetic Boost, I've been taking it ever since. Just want to say thanks, your Diabetic Boost made a drastic change in my life, I recommend this product for all suffering from diabetes.


Jacob O'Brien
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Created after 10 years of research, testing and development

Diabetic Boost is Manufactured in the USA in a FDA registered GMP Certified facility. Our Formula Contains High Levels of Fiber, Protein, Antioxidants, Herbs and Organic Ingredients. This Combination Makes this a Unique and Powerful Blend. 


           Our product Contains Natural Herbs and Organic Ingredients
Donate to the Federation for Children with Diabetes

By donating to the IDF Life for a Child (LFAC) Program, you can provide a child with : Regular insulin, Quality blood glucose monitoring equipment (meter, strips, lancets) Essential clinical care, Up-to-date diabetes education materials. Specialized diabetes training for medical staff. 

Donations to the Program are carefully directed to key areas of diabetes care and management so that established pediatric diabetes centers and associations can provide the best possible care, given local circumstances, to all children and youth with diabetes in developing countries. 

“The scope of what needs to be done is vast.  Diabetes management is complex. while the first step is getting access to insulin, it needs to be followed up with education on managing diabetes, extending sustained care and also improving the quality of care. This takes both time and ongoing resources, so donations such as yours are crucial to the success and longevity of the Life for a Child Program. 

Thank you for your contribution.