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This supplement pairing might seem pedestrian—or sound like a promotional message touting milk—yet major studies show that vitamin D can boost those beta cells in the pancreas that are under constant siege during diabetes. It is also a growing belief among researchers that vitamin D might be able to reduce incidence of Type 1 diabetes, if taken as a supplement even as infants and toddlers.

A Tufts University study found that combining calcium (500 mg daily) and vitamin D (700 IU daily) can dramatically curtail the seemingly inevitable rise in blood sugar levels among people 65 and older who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes.  

The study followed its subjects for three years. That 500/700 is a therapeutic dose worth pursuing for your diabetes symptoms. If it means anything to you—and the view here is yes, it should—many researchers and diabetes experts are taking significant doses of vitamin D daily. They anticipate the vitamin D connection to diabetes and Syndrome X prevention will only grow stronger in the next decade. 

 Benefits of  VITAMIN-D in our Diabetic boost Vitamin

     ♦  Boost beta cells in the Pancreas

     ♦  Reduce Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes

     ♦  Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes


Professor Anastassios Pittas Studies & What Researchers says about Vitamin-D: CLICK FOR MORE INFO

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