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Our Product Guarantee

Diabetic Boost is pleased to offer the following guarantee.


Our full, money-back, no questions asked guarantee. We stand behind our diabetic Boost Product 100% and will address any issues any customer may encounter. All returns are welcome with our no questions asked full refund policy. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply mail it back to our warehouse for a full refund. It's that Simple, once again no question asked.

We also offer you this. Get an a1c and cholesterol test then use our product for 3 months, after the 3 months. Get a second a1c test. If you're test results doesn't lower, we'll refund your purchase of our product for the full 3 months, that's our pledge to you as our customer. We stand behind out diabetic boost product 100%.

To receive a refund it simple. Send us both test results, and we'll simply process your refund, send test results via-mail, email or fax, all contact information is located at footer of all website pages.

Diabetic Boost has worked hard to earn the loyalty of millions of satisfied consumers worldwide with our emphasis on high quality at every stage - from manufacturing to on-time delivery to retailers:

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